Maintenace Tips – Windows XP

xpmaint_595The maintenance tips in this article will help you make your XP computer faster, safer, and more stable.

Reduce Recycle Bin Size

  1. Go to Desktop
  2. Right–click on the Recycle Bin icon
  3. Select Properties
  4. Use the slider to choose the required percentage
  5. Click Apply, then click OK


Turn Off Remote Desktop And Remote Assistance

  1. Go to Start – Settings – Control Panel
  2. Double-click the System icon
  3. Select the Remote tab
  4. Uncheck Allow Remote Assistance invitations to be sent from this computer
  5. In the same tab click Advanced
  6. Uncheck Allow users to connect remotely to this computer
  7. Click Apply, then click OK


Run Windows XP Chkdsk (Check Disk) From Time To Time

  1. Find the My Computer icon on your desktop and double-click it
  2. Find the disk you want to check, right-click it and go to Properties
  3. In the Properties dialog box go to Tools
  4. Click Check now
  5. A new dialog box will appear, check both options and click Start
  6. Most likely you will get a message that Check Disk wants exclusive access to the disk and wants to start right after your reboot. Click OK
  7. Restart your computer

Defrag Regularly

Badly fragmented disks can cause a lot of problems, like general system slowdowns, slower startup and shutdowns, and even computer crashes. Basically, your hard drive is the slowest part of your computer and file fragmentation makes it even slower.

Windows has a built in Disk Defragmenter. To use it go to Start – Programs – Accessories – System Tools – Disk Defragmenter. Like any other defrag utility it gathers file fragments that are scattered all over your disk and writes them into adjacent clusters.

But to be honest, I never use Windows Disk Defrag – it takes quite some time to do its job and skips too many files.

The good news are that there are good free defrag utilities available for download. The ones I like are Auslogics DiskDefrag and Piriform Defraggler. Both are from trusted developers and do their job great. Personally, I like the Auslogics one better, because it doesn’t need time to analyze the disk, so it’s very fast.

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