NASA Impressed by Chandigarh Students

nasadis_595The space agency of United States – NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) seems to be pretty impressed by the futuristic project on human colony in space, developed by six students of Chandigarh based Dikshant International School. NASA has invited the six students to present their project on LifeSupport Systems in Space Colonies at its annualInternational Space Development Conference, in Florida.

The six students of class Xth, including Pragya, Kirti, Kanika, Aditya, Shreya and Abhishek, along with three Directors, have been invited to take part in the National Space Settlement – 28th Annual International Space Development Conference in Oriando, Florida from May 28th to May 31. The students will showcase their project on Life Support Systems in Space Colonies, chosen by NASA National Space Settlement Contest for the year, 2009 at the SpaceDevelopment Conference.   

According to Dikshant International School, it feels proud that the US space agency has invited its students to present their project on Life Support Systems in Space Colonies at the SpaceDevelopment Conference. It will be a great opportunity for the students to interact with the top scientists of the world.    

Speaking of the project on Life Support Systems in Space Colonies, the school director Mitul Dikshit said that the colonies featured in the project “meet all the needs of the occupants and looks like a simulation of our home, the earth”.

Dikshit explained that the colonies are featured in the project are situated in the earth orbit, because the life in the space colonies will require easy access to food, space, construction materials, energy, transportation, communications, life support, simulated gravity, and radiation protection. Keeping the colonies in the Earth orbit will have substantial advantages – the major one will be that the Earth orbit is close to earth and can be reached in hours as compared to Moon and Mars.

The project features huge solar power stations in Space for energy requirements of colonies. Dikshit said the idea of the space colonies will help making human survival possible, in the future times, when the Earth gets over inhibited or when it becomes unfit for living due to climate changes or global warming. The project will help to develop future world in the space.

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