IE8 : How to Surf Faster & Smarter

I am a  regular user of  Internet and web.  I have recently installed Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 on my Microsoft Window 7 Ultimate machine.  The current version of IE is much smarter and faster as compare to the earlier versions of IE Family. I am writing this post after going thru all the features that really make IE8 much smarter and faster.


When I originally tried Internet Explorer 8, the first thing that impressed me was Accelerators. Accelerators make searches for most anything on a page fast and easy. To use them, just highlight a chunk of text on a site and click the blue Accelerator icon that appears Accelerator icon. Then choose what you need from the list of Accelerators.

Before Internet Explorer 8 when I wanted to map an address, find a video or perform any search I would have to complete many steps. I would highlight the text I was interested in, right click it, and choose copy. Next, I would open another window, navigate to a search engine and paste in the copied text to find information.

Map with Bing Accelerator

Now that same information is only a few clicks away. If I’m rushing out the door to get to a meeting and realize I don’t know where it is, I can get a map quickly.

I highlight the address, click the Accelerator icon and choose Map with Bing.

Web Slices

Web Slices are another quick way to keep up on information. Web Slices keep you logged into a Web site even when the site is not open. Take a look at the Weather from Bing Web Slice. Once installed, no matter where I am on the Web, I can click the slice in my Favorites toolbar. I know the weather without opening a new site.

With Web Slices you can be working away on a project, but still easily check on your favorite team or that bid you just placed on eBay. Use a Web Slice to check traffic before you leave for your appointment. Check traffic again anytime with just a quick click.

Use a Web Slice to check traffic

To add an Accelerator or Web Slice, you can click Get more Add-ons in your Internet Explorer 8 browser window, or visit the free Add-ons Gallery, find one that sounds interesting, and click Add to Internet Explorer. Simple.

Get more Add-ons

Add-ons Gallery: Most Popular


Online safety is of utmost importance. Two handy safety features built into Internet Explorer 8 are SmartScreen Filter and InPrivate Browsing.

SmartScreen Filter helps block malicious Web sites so you don’t accidentally end up on a nasty site. It can block the entire site along with all of the pages related to a scam. Or it can block just a portion of the site.

Check This Website with SmartScreen Filter

SmartScreen Filter is on by default for your safety. To check an individual site or turn off SmartScreen Filter, choose Safety on the Tools menu, and then choose SmartScreen Filter and the appropriate function.

InPrivate Browsing is the other safety feature I love when using a public computer. When using a library’s public computer, for example, I worry that the next user could visit each site I went to and capture my information.

How to use InPrivate Browsing

With InPrivate browsing, you can browse without leaving behind the usual traceable items such as usernames and passwords. Cookies are not retained in Internet Explorer 8 during this session, and neither are temporary files, history, or other data. Toolbars and extensions are automatically disabled. You can turn on InPrivate Browsing easily by using the “CTRL + Shift + P” key combo, or by choosing it from the Safety menu. Your browsing session’s address bar is clearly marked as InPrivate, so you know that your privacy is protected.

Browsing session marked as InPrivate

These features are designed to save you time and give you peace of mind when you’re online. Now you can put Internet Explorer 8 to work for you so you can clear out your to-do-list in record time.

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