Shortcut Keys for Windows 7

Shortcuts are the easiest and fastest way of accomplising the process. Microsoft windows is also have lot of shortcuts thru which you can use windows faster.  Thru these shortcuts you can use windows thru keyboard itself. Microsoft windows is a very popular and user friendly operating system and these shortcuts make is more easy and fast.

Get to know the basics

There are certain shortcuts I use all day, every day. Whether you’re working with photos and music, or within documents or spreadsheets, these tips will help you be a speed demon.

  • Copy a selected item: Ctrl+C
  • Cut a selected item: Ctrl+X
  • Paste a selected item: Ctrl+V
  • Undo an action: Ctrl+Z
  • Select everything: Ctrl+A
  • Print: Ctrl+P

Manage open windows

Chances are, you use your PC to do a lot of things at once. Shortcuts go a long way towards cutting the clutter.

  • Minimize the Window
    Windows logo key Windows logo key + Down Arrow
    Minimizing a window is a surefire way to see what’s underneath it. And it’s fast to use the shortcut. If the window is maximized already (covering the entire screen) it’ll go to “normal” size. And if it’s normal size, it’ll minimize entirely.
  • Maximize the Window
    Windows logo key Windows logo key + Up Arrow
    Maximizing windows works the same way.
  • Switch between open windows
    ALT + Tab
    If you have lots of open windows and you’re not sure exactly which one you need, press ALT + Tab, and get a quick thumbnail view of all open windows.

    Then, while holding down the ALT key, press the tab key multiple times until you get to the window you want.

  • Thumbnail view of open windows

  • Display the desktop
    Windows logo key Windows logo key + D
    Use this shortcut when you want to minimize a lot of open windows at once to check something on your desktop. It’s a cinch to go from a cluttered view to a clean one.

    Screenshot of cluttered desktop

    Screenshot of clean desktop

Get even funkier with window management

It may surprise you to learn that there are even more options when it comes to dealing with your open windows and programs—but there are.

  • Multitask with multiple monitors
    Ctrl + Windows logo key Windows logo key + Shift + Arrow
    Do you use more than one monitor at a time? Now you can shift an open window to your other monitor in less than a second.
  • Make Snap a snap.
    Windows logo key Windows logo key + Arrow
    If you haven’t checked out Snap, you’re missing out. It’s the perfect way to compare two documents side by side. Use the shortcut for Snap to make it snappier.
    While pressing the Windows logo key, click the right or left arrow to snap your document to one side.
    Select another document, and do the same thing to compare them side by side.
    Compare windows side by side

Manage tasks

You’re probably more than familiar with the Ctrl+Alt+Delete shortcut to manage tasks. But did you know that there are shortcuts for performing some of those tasks directly?

  • Open Task Manager
    Ctrl + Shift + Escape
    This simple shortcut whisks you straight to Task Manager—without any intermediary steps.
    Shortcut to Task Manager
  • Lock your PC or switch users
    Windows logo key Windows logo key + L
    This simple shortcut locks your PC with a single click and instantly displays the log in screen.

Work with items on the taskbar

The Windows 7 taskbar is big, flexible, and feature rich. You can use shortcuts to make working with it even easier.

  • Open a new instance of a program
    Shift + Click a taskbar icon
    I like Internet Explorer tabs—but sometimes it’s easier to launch a new browser. It’s simple: just click the Internet Explorer icon while holding down Enter.
  • Toggle between documents
    Ctrl + Click a taskbar icon
    Let’s say you have five open Word documents. You can click on the Word icon in the taskbar to view thumbnails of each. And if you press Ctrl before you click on the icon, you can scroll through each one fully.

Display your way

No matter how you want to view your PC, shortcuts help you get there faster.

  • Choose a presentation display mode
    Windows logo key Windows logo key + P
    Whether you’re giving a presentation or are using multiple monitors, it’s simple to switch settings.
    Choose a presentation display mode
  • Zoom in, zoom out
    Windows logo key Windows logo key + +/ Windows logo key Windows logo key + –
    This lets you zoom in to better see small text on a Web page or to check out the pixels on a photo.
    Use shortcuts to zoom in and zoom out

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